HOW TO CREATE YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN 2020 - Youtube Basics for Beginners


HOW TO CREATE YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN 2020 - Youtube Basics for Beginners

Want to create Some Passive Income.

YOUTUBE is the world largest video sharing platform all over the Internet. YouTube is a free video website that allows all visitors watch video online for free. YouTube is driving around 6 billion hours videos every month.

YouTube is all about video Marketing. YouTube makes Video Marketing very easy and useful. YouTube is now the second most visited website on entire Internet.


YouTube is a truly exceptional platform. It allows creators from all over the world to not only share their Ideas and work with the public and But also many Youtubers living from it.

On Youtube, People increasingly spend their more their time on Internet for watching video online.

YouTube is the biggest revolution in todays Market.

YouTube drives billions of visitors daily so with this flood of consumer. Many companies like Vivo, Oppo, Marvel, Philips etc putting their thousands of dollars on YouTube to advertise.

On YouTube, Everything is all about content If you have good Channel with amazing content, Then you grow on YouTube very rapidly.

Many Beginners are like they watch video tutorial " How to create a Youtube channel " and Create channel by tutorial and they start creating content, Work like donkey and face failure then soon they quits.

These are most three important things on YouTube is you want to be creator -

CONTENT is the key on YouTube. On YouTube Quantity doesn't matter, Quality matters. If you have High quantity with less quality then you have less chance to grow. If you have Less quantity with high quality then your YouTube graph is J graph.

We start working and working without know how to grow. This mistake everyone does am also and Beginners creators always does.

On YouTube you have to Specially know how to grow.

Many Beginners does not on what topic we start. We See many Youtubers and their Topic. All Beginners does as it is. If you want to grow on YouTube you have to know your own interest and passion. What you do with fun and enjoyment.

If you want to generate passive income then you have to have interest in it.

If you choose the topic that you have no interest then you no longer go.

Your topic is anything like tech, cars, bikes, review etc that you have interest then you go longer and longer and becomes a successful Creator.

Major Youtube channels like PewDiePie, T-Series, Guava Juice, KSI, Deji, Ninja, BB ki vines, Amanda cerny etc makes a profit from their videis and work.

So, Do you want to start your own channel or perhaps you already have one and are wondering How you can make your Hobby a steady job.

It's a decent amount of money, So If you're seriously thinking about making Youtube your main source of Income where start with ?


The Magic of YouTube is that your channel can be about almost anything.

You can make a start by making a short and meaningful cartoons, Show your talents like Singing, Dancing, Painting, or by some skills or you also share your lifestyle.

These Options are endless.

Your Youtube account is basically the same as your Google account and you can either use it as it or create a new one.

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