Google Sandbox - How to get out of the google Sandbox like A Boss



Your new website doesn't rank on Google


Then your Website is in Google Sandbox.

These problem is faced by every Blogger and those who want to start new website.

 So,Calm down. I sharing all about Google Sandbox and How you get out your site from Google Sandbox.

Something, This is really demotivating for all new blogger ( Including me ) because we works on our blog, post content but didn't get traffic and these is enough to low your self Confidence, Soon give up and quit Blogging.

Does Google hate your new site ?

The Simple answer is no or yes. Yes i know it quit bit confusing, keep Reading, you soon understand why i gave this answer.

Before, you have to understand, What is Google Sandbox.


What is Google Sandbox ?

Google Sandbox theory states that Google put new website into a sandbox before they can rank well in search engine search query and making their way to the top of search results.

Google Sandbox is simply used for thise website which are Website which are newly launched , then arose the suspicious activity by Google, usually by creating a vast and large of content in short period.

This appears to Google as a spam and Considerd the website as spammy website.

Google Sandbox is generally a spam filter named by seo expert. Google Sandbox is named created by observer when they get no traffic after using by best SEO efforts.

This is also called Google Sandbox Effect.

Google Sandbox watches for suspicious and spam activity, reasoning that a site which add enormous amount of new post , pages and content instantly in short period of time.

Does they probably filing itself with copied or duplicate content or engaged in Google spamming activity.

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Why Sandbox exist ?

Google Sandbox - How to get out of the google Sandbox like A Boss

As, I explained you above, What is Google Sandbox? but important question is that Does it really exist.

Every site should be trust worthy, There more than trillion users on Google and Everyone trust on Google. One spam site is enough to break this trust.

So google wants to make sure that a new website is legitimate or not. The website is useful for Google users or not.

Many website which set up fly by night may have bad intention before it rank prominently on Google SERP.

The Google Sandbox theory is used to explain why new domain or domain that changes ownership like hostgator to GoDaddy hands, frequently rank poorly no Matter how they optimized their new website.

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Does Google Sandbox hates new Website ?

Website need to prove that they should be worthy of ranking and this takes times like in movie, thor takes times prove him worthy to mjonlr. Just like that, you have to be worthy to rankings.

In order, To gain the trust of Google, You have to proof your website by posting daily unique and quality content, that will generate natural Backlinks and increase social media activity like sharing, comments etc.

As your sites ages, I start earn trust and your website start ranking.

Yes, Google hates new website.

take it sarcastically.

How Much time required to get out of Google Sandbox ?

The Google Sandbox effect last between 2 to 9 months. This is estimated months given by observer. The negative effect of Google sandbox on your website ranking is very strong for few couple of months. 

By the time passes, Your website start ranking after 2 to 3 months, you'll have very little sandbox effect at all.

How to get out of the Google Sandbox like a Boss ?

I Sharing all my tips that, I uses to get out of Google sandbox. 

These tips will less the sandbox effect. But it takes time. As i Above, I give estimated months, that your website will be sandbox free in 2 or 3 months or in 9 months also.

If you don't follow these tips sure your website takes about 6 to 9 months to get out of Google Sandbox.

All tips also help you to boost your rankings as well aslo helps your get out of Google Sandbox.

  • Always Keep Creating new quality and original content and also works on improving the new post from previous post.
  • Believe in making unique good quality content with long form material and Keywords. This helps you rankings your content, once you get out of the sandbox. You starting ranking rapidly.
  • Do Internal and External link in your Blog posts.
  • Create Backlinks from High authority website like from .edu , .gov etc.
  • Do link building.
  • Share post on social media which drive more traffic on your page.
Making this , Google believe that your website is trustworthy, legitimate and original.
  • Make sure you never use any black hat SEO tips like purchasing of link or buying inorganic traffic.
This result in down your website ranking.
  • Last but not the least, focus on your hosting site that it good or not. works effectively or efficiently, Make sure that.
If you on Blogger, last point matter not.

If you follow these steps, Soon you recover from Google Sandbox effect. But how do you know that your website is out of Google Sandbox.


How to know that your website is out of Gooogle Sandbox effect ?

Answer of this question, you simply find out by observing your Google search console.

All you have to do is look at the number of total clicks in Analytics that will start increasing and you steady graph start increasing.

Search inquires will increase and will also be able to see clicks on Keywords and your impressions also increases.

Does I Face Google Sandbox effect and How you get out of it ?

Posting this post, My website is in Google Sandbox effect.
My website doesn't rank.

As, I Creating daily original and quality content with full Keywords Research.

Before, , I works on serveral website, Many website were in Google Sandbox. But by this that i Shares with you that always helps me to get out of sandbox.

I get daily 100+ traffic when website in Google Sandbox.

But now,, daily traffic is very low.

My google search console is like freezed.
that my Google search console screenshot.

Google Sandbox - How to get out of the google Sandbox like A Boss

So, Be happy and calm, Everyone face it, It depends on you how you deal with it.


Google Sandbox is spam filter. That is good but it also show negative effect on your rankings for couple of months. It takes about 2 to 9 months to get out of sandbox. So keep creating original and quality content.


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