SEO Friendly Article - How to write SEO friendly article to rank at #1

How to write SEO friendly article to rank at #1

How to write SEO friendly article to rank fast

Howdy! Blogger - Do you want to write SEO friendly article to rank fast. Then, Congratulations you at right place. This is like making an Art. This is an art to write SEO friendly article. Writing an article/ Blog is not a big task but the writing the Optimized SEO friendly article is. Your content always matter but only when they are Optimized in proper manner.

I saw many blog with worse information, Surprisingly they rank at google search query at first and getting millions of organic traffic daily. Writing a SEO friendly article is vital part to rank at #1.

Google always ranks a website which content is SEO optimized and user friendly. Writing a Seo Friendly Article is really a time gaining task and you have to do it to rank at top.

Many Blogger are like they get topic and wrote article and post it on their website. I sure they don't even get 100 views per month and that's my experience.

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In the Seo Friendly Article, I provided you a checklist to check that your article is Seo friendly or not. This article is in very simple and easy to understand. All tools are free which I mentioned you below. This also very helpful for Beginners as well as many bloggers.

# Keyword Research

Keywords research is a practical used by SEO professionals to rank their content on search engines query and beat their competitions.


It also an alternative search that people enter into search engine while looking for a similar subject. Keywords play vital role in your rankings. Google algorithm works on Keywords.

Keywords research helps you to knowing that what topics people care about by using right SEO tool. By researching Keywords for their CPC ( Cost per Click ) , Volume and general intent. By these, you can easily tackle the questions that the most of audience want answer to.

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In keyword research, you have to find and analyze actual search terms that people enters into search engines.

# Content

Your content should be unique and informative. Today Content is the key. your content should not be copied and translated. Search engine always ranks only unique content which is easy to read. 

If you have copied content, Google never rank it no matter how good your On Page SEO is.

How to write good Seo Content ?

  1. Observe and Know your audience.
  2. Small paragraph.
  3. Easy to read and simple sentences.
  4. use Headings.
  5. use long tail Keywords.
  6. Conclusion

# Headings

Well Optimized SEO friendly post follow these Two main rules -
  • Use Only one H1 tag.
H1 tag is your title of your blog post. H1 tags include your targeted keywords. H1 tags give your reader a strong sense of impression that what he/She will going to read.

Your H1 tag should have 20 to 70 characters. Don't over length the H1 tag. H1 tag should be short and Appealing. Search engine crawls H1 tag of blog post.


Many Blogger use more than one H1 tag and using multiple H1 tag low the power of your On page SEO. The Blog post should have only one H1 tag.
  • Use your Headings in Hierachy manner.
The title of the blog post is H1 then Subheading is H2 and Minor Heading is H3.

All Tags should be in organized manner like H1, H2, H3, H4. This help your blog to getting awesome structure.

The Main reason that your content is organized and look more appealing. This help search engine crawler to crawls you page easily and the blog post easier to read for users.

# External and Internal Linking

Whenever you write a blog post always try to associate with already published post by internal linking.

Internal Linking is a very useful and easy task to increase your On Page SEO. 

Internal Linking has many benefits. It helps  Search engine to discover new pages. Whenever search engine crawls your page and crawlers also crawls all DoFollow link ( internal link ) not Nofollow links.

Example - When I create a blog post, I always add few internal links. This gives your reader a great option to click on link and read more. By this technique you can reduce the bounce rate and keep your user on your website.

# Don't do Keyword Stuffing

There is no trouble having target keyword. Targeted keywords in your blog post is good and this is recommended also. 

Don't use Keywords too much time , by thinking that your post can ranked. Google algorithm understand keyword stuffing and never rank your post.

Targeted keywords used in
  • Title of the blog
  • Heading of the blog
  • Content of the blog
  • Conclusion

# Length of Post

According to SEO professionals - longer post perform better and rank on search query. This is because longer post have quality of knowledge.

Google always ranks quality blog not quantity blog.

This is true, that doesn't mean than shorter post doesn't rank. Only quality of the content is important not the quantity of Content.

A good Seo friendly post have knowledge Content and Complete content.

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When you start writing a blog of a particular topic then confirm that you should have complete details about that topic. Because these are thousands of blog on that topic.

When Google evaluate the ranking of that blog, it doesn't concern about the length of blog and number of characters in your blog post but they only concern about how many links pointing to that blog.

# Optimized Images

Images make your blog more interesting and also enhance the quality of your blog post. Images always uses in SEO Friendly Article.

Google clear that they don't understand the Media like Images or videos. They only understand the ALT text of image.

Your ALT text should be nice and short with targeted keywords. 

Don't use too much image in short blog and Don't do Keyword Stuffing in ALT text.

# Meta description of your post

Meta description is a short summary of your blog post. Your Meta description should be less than 200 character.

Google show your meta description in search query. So your meta description is should be appealing and informative.

You can also use Keywords in your meta description of blog post.


Do full Research, Before start writing new post and always clear what you about to write.

Follow all the steps to write seo Friendly post to rank fast.


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