Livestreaming game on YouTube - How to live stream games on YouTube

Livestreaming game on YouTube - How to live stream games on YouTube

Want to live stream games on YouTube !

If you searching this then you are at right place. This is very easy to live stream games on YouTube, if you know the correct and easy way. Yes, I know that streaming games on YouTube is not an easy way to do. If this is your statement, then what you watch on YouTube is very confusing and all videos are very difficult to understand. They don't even complete solve your problems. If one problem solved and other one raises when it comes to live streaming game on YouTube.

When I watch that many people streaming games on Facebook, twitch and YouTube. I used to take it as fun. 

I much suprised that many people streaming games on streaming platform and makes money from that.

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If you are a real gamer, then you definitely love this blog.

YouTube is now one of the most popular platform for streaming games live. Many Youtubers stream games online and makes tons of Money from home. This thing does not even require much knowledge and graduation.

This only thing is required is your willingness to do.

YouTube live streaming has got much better and become the hard competitor to many streaming platforms.

If you aspire your audience on YouTube. You have to stream on YouTube. Now a day, people used to love watching live gameplay video to learn new skill and for Entertainment. Audience also donate money to their lovable streamers.


Why YouTube is best streaming platform ?

Twitch is very famous streaming platform. The main reason why I recommend the YouTube because Twitch is used in some countries but YouTube used all over the world. 

On YouTube, audience are present in enormous quantity who loves watching gameplay videos. 

YouTube is very easy, user friendly for those who are new live gaming streamers. I seen many streamers stream game on YouTube all time not on twitch because the audience retention on YouTube is very high as compared to other streaming platform.

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Best Software / Application to live stream games on YouTube

Stream labs OBS is the best software to live streaming games on YouTube. StreamLabs OBS is the top streaming platform for twitch, YouTube & Facebook. StreamLabs OBS has all essential features to live stream games on live streaming platform. StreamLabs OBS is powered by the backend of OBS.

How to download StreamLabs OBS ?

For Android and ios - StreamLabs OBS
For PC / MAC - StreamLabs OBS

Requirements to live stream games on YouTube

  1. Verified YouTube channel and Make sure  your YouTube channel is egligible for live streaming.
  2. Fast Internet connection.
  3. StreamLabs OBS


StreamLabs OBS Dashboard is very easy to customize and Everything is in StreamLabs that you want to live stream. There is no crack version of Streamlabs OBS. If you found cracked version never Download or install it.


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