Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

Best Free SEO tools for bloggers to boost ranking on Google.

Best Free SEO tools for bloggers to boost ranking on Google
Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

Whats’app awesome bloggers, Ranking on google first page is dream of many newbie and professional bloggers. some bloggers achieve there rank on google search result query and some not , this is because of lack of investment in seo tools and Knowledge. This is isn’t the easy task that every body does to rank on google search engine result query.

There are more than thousand of free SEO tools on internet which claims that their Tools are hundred percent accurate. But, the truth behind that accuracy are totally fake because 95 percent of free SEO tools provide wrong information and Show false metrics about your site. Many bloggers believe on that fake metrics.

Many bloggers at the start of their blogging career put most of the investment in many expensive seo tools. This thing led the bloggers into regret that why i invest in seo tools, In spite of using best free seo tools out there on Internet for both wordpress and Bloggers which requires no investment, Data by the that best free SEO tools are accurate which help your site to grow fast on google search result query.

Has the higher chances that bloggers who reading this post may be newbie to blogging or they not want invest their money in expensive SEO tools like ahrefs, Semrush or Moz.

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So, Here is the

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google


Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

Visit – UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the best Free SEO tools for all Newbie Bloggers or experienced bloggers. Ubersuggest is acquired by entrepreneur neil patel. Ubersuggest is from one of the tools that i use when i started my blogging career.

Ubersuggest helps you to get free insight about your site like Domain score of your site, Ranked Keywords and post on google and Numbers of NoFollow Backlinks and dofollow Backlinks of your site.

In Domain overview, Ubersuggest helps you to get information and full overview about your competitors in detail and what strategy they use to grow and gain organic traffic on their Site. So, you can use the strategy use by yours competitors, copy their strategy and Overtake their rankings on google easily.

Many Bloggers use this type of strategy to boost ranking on google search result query and gains millions of traffic daily on their site. But their is one things that, which page or post of your competitors are at top rank web page on google.

I writing the post about backlinks and my competitor also wrote about backlinks and get number ranking on google. So, how i overtake it or how i get ranking on google. So, here we use ubersuggest, Input competitors post link address in ubersuggest, we get full overview about that page –

  • How much backlinks that the post have ?
  • On which Keyword phrases that they rank on google ?
  • Phrases
  • Social Media sharing

Keyword research is the vital part of Search engine optimization (SEO). Without Keyword research, There is less chances to grow on search engines.

Ubersuggest allow you getting keywords idea which have low competition and high traffic / volume on google, Phrases related to keyword, Prepositions, question and Comparison of keywords . You get full overviewed data about that respected keyword that you search for

  • Search Volume
  • SEO difficulty
  • Paid Difficulty
  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • Also, about the first page rank on google have how much amount of backlinks.
Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

Ubersuggest have that respected features –

  • Overview, Keywords Ideas and Content Idea
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • SEO Analyzer

Ubersuggest is paid SEO tools but not fully, All features you can use. On subscription, You will still get access to more data, be able to create more projects, and crawl more pages to find SEO errors.

From experience, You does not have to do investment in ubersuggest because their ubersuggest provide enough information to boost you ranking on google easily.

Bing WebMaster Tool

Bing Webmaster Tool

Visit – Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster tools is one of the best free seo tools 2020. Bing Webmaster tools very similar to our google Webmaster tools, work of both tools are same like Indexing and crawling to the respected search engines. But, Now Bing Webmaster tools are more of that.

Submitting & Verifying Website

Before, Getting your sites data, you must get verified. There are 3 ways to verify in Bing Webmaster Tool

  • First, is .XML verification, Where you have to download BingSiteAuth.Xml files and Place into your Website directory to verify your Website
  • Second, is Meta Tag verification, where you have to verify your site by inserting the line custome HTML code line in homepage for your site.
  • Third, is DNS (Domain Name System) Verification, for verifying you website You need access to your hosting to edit the CNAME record to put down the verification code.

About Site DashBoards

Once your site get verified, You get full over viewed data about your site on Dashboard of Bing webmaster tools. On, Bing Webmaster tools dashboard, You get data about recent activity in Bing, submitted sitemap list, your website top organic keywords, your website’s top inbounded links, and drop-down menu of URL diagnostic tools. You can click through to see more comprehensive and analytical data of your website on any of these sections or use the left navigation to explore additional reports and tools to get data of your site.

Bing Webmaster tools Crawl Control Settings

Search engine like Bing, google want to crawl as much information they want from your website.

So, Bing Webmaster tools allows you to create manually customized crawling pattern with the Crawl Control feature easily. You can simply create your own custom crawling rate based on when your site getting organic traffic is lightest.

Deep Links

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google
Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Deep links features is very similar to Google Site-links. Deep Links are the links that appear beneath top-ranked search of website linking directly to various landing pages within the site as shown in above picture.

Bing Webmaster tools is one of the best free tools for SEO, and also for both hosting platform like bloggers and wordpress.


Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

Visit – TheHoth

The Hoth is one of the seo tools that i use when i started my blogging career. gives 20 more than seo tools that are fully free to use and gives accurate data of your site.

Personally, I use for the keyword research. Keyword research on is much easier than the other free platform and specially better than ubersuggest because, Here you don’t have pay to get more data.

Here, Is the 20 more than free SEO tools from

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google
SEO Report Tools

By this theHoth SEO report tool, At one Single click, you can instantly get analyze data about critical SEO metrics such as desktop, mobile optimization, your blogsite navigability, OnPage SEO details, Indexing, Mobile Usability, Structured data, security, performance social media performance & much more.

The data is provided by WOORANK on If you woorank or thehoth SEO report tools, the data provided by both tools are same. Woorank also free.

Here, Is my SIte – SEO metrics. I thought, My blog site need some more improvement.

All of it, The SEO report tools is best tools. Here, you get detailed analysis of your site at one single click, where you have to put you name, Email, Site URL Address and phone number (Optinoal) and Enter, You get full SEO report of your site.

Keywords Research tools have three tools related to Keywords

  • First is, Keyword gap Analysis
  • Second is, Keyword Research
  • Third is, Keyword Volume Checker

I personally uses second and third keyword more of the time while writing the post.

Keyword Research

As you know , Keywords research play a vital role in both OnPage seo and OffPage SEO. With the Keyword research tools, you can find high volume valuable keywords related to a root keywords.

All data related to your root keywords like search volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), Number of results, competition of your root keywords.

Here, the data is provided by the google Keyword planner.

Keyword Volume Checker

With the Keyword research tools, you get Keyword Volume & keywords Statistics Tool you can quickly check various keywords and the corresponding stats including search volume, cost per click, competition, and more! Enter up to 20 URL’s in the box, each on a separate line, and compare stats between each.

Here, I research on few random keywords as shown in images.

Ranking and Backlinks Checkers

Backlinks are one of the easiest way to boost up your rankings, that is why backlink increase your blogsite trust to search engine crawlers.

Every blogger, spent their time in build organic and High quality backlinks. Also, Needs to put eye on stats which backlinks Indexed on google and which is not, Which links is broken and which link given traffic to bloggers website.

With the help of TheHoth backlinks checker you get your backlinks which indexed on google.

Rankings Checkers

With the this Ranking checker tool, By putting your respected domain, you would get all types of keywords that your site ranked on google search engines.

By this tools, you analyze your ranking, Analyze your competitors and spy on competitors strategy and Also, this tools help you getting better keyword research easily.

Google Search Console / Google Webmaster tool

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google
Google Search Console / Google Webmater tool

Google Webmaster tools / Google Search Console is the most essential best free seo tools that every single seo expert or Professional Blogger using to better their site analytics. Google Search Console helps websites webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites on search engine query.

Google Webmaster tools play a vital roles in ranking of post on google search engines.

Putting your site in google webmaster tools that means indexing your site in google search engines.

How to submit and Verify in google Webmaster tools ?

There are two ways to submit and verify your site in google webmaster tools.

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

First is, Domain verification, where you have to verify your Domain through DNS [Domain Name Server]. In this verification, you verified all of your domain related to your domain like, www.gorealblog,com,

Second is, URL Preffix, where you have to verify, only URL that you entered [ ]. In URL Prefix verification, you get multiple verification methods.

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

Google Webmaster tools gives you detailed analysis about your clicks and Impression, and on which keywords your ranked and you get clicks . As shown in the picture.

Most important part of Google Wemaster tools makes one of the best free seo tools is that URL Inspection. Where you manually indexed your Website post URL into the google. By URL inspection, you get detailed analysis about your URL that you put for inspection, also you can test your live URL.

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google
This is what URL Inspection looks like

Google Analystics

VisitGoogle Analystics

Another free seo tools from google is “Google Analytics”. Google analytics tools is one of the widely used seo tools all over the world. This free seo tools is one of the main recommendation by seo experts. Google Analytics gives you full analytics of your sites and audience. Google analytics is also famous among seo expert and bloggers.

Best Free SEO tools to boost ranking on Google

In Google Analytics, you can access google very unique insight and machine learning which gives you best analysis insights of your sites. One more thing awesome about google analytics, it gives you information about your website as well as if you are working on mobile app, this tools help you a lot.

Specially for e-commerce store, here you get performance of your products, content and average time that users spend on your website only on one single click.

If you want to use google analytics, you require gmail and you get full access to google analytics.


Best Free SEO tools for Bloggers to boost ranking on Google

Visit – GTMetrix

GTMetrix is the best site to analyze to web page speed of your website. Beside of page performance score, GTMetrix also shows the recommendations to speed up your website pages. Data of GTMetrix always helpful, if you confuse about your sites speed.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Visit – Google Mobile Friendly Test

Best Free SEO tools for Bloggers to boost ranking on Google
Google Mobile Friendly Test

Google Mobile Friendly Test is google free service where you check that your website is mobile friendly or not. If your site is not mobile friendly, then, it clearly shows this page is not mobile friendly, show recommendation why you page is not mobile friendly and how to fix it.

According to the research, quarter of the 2020, 51.92 percent of global website traffics comes from mobile devices, this data is of the quarter of 2020. This is more important to make your website seo friendly than the indexing. Also, google nevers easily ranks that page which are not mobile friendly.

Ahrefs Backlinks Checkertool

Visit – Ahrefs Backlinks Checkertool

Ahrefs backlinks checker tools is the free tools from ahref, As we know that, Ahrefs tools are one of the best and paid tools, Every bloggers dream is to use ahrefs tools, because this tools is best in everything, Ahref backlinks checker tools gives you analysis data about you site backlinks which are Dofollow backlinks and which are nofollow backlinks with the site link where you get backlinks.


In the list, i show you best free seo tools to improve you ranking and organic traffic easily, All tools are free to use. This tools are compatible if you wordpress users, blogger users or somewhere else platform users.

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