Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing which on is Best ?

Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing which on is Best ?

Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing which on is Best ?


Marketing play the vital role in the success and growth of business. If you want to know that this XYZ Company, In future grow or not, simply observe their way of Marketing. Sometime, Many noob beginners have full focus on business not on marketing. It does not matter how awesome your product is until you sell it your customer and fulfill their demand. All the successful company in the world are success because of good level marketing.

What is Marketing ?

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships between you and your customer. It is the main way of business process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ needs and wants. Marketing is used to attract customers. This is one of the main part of any business.

Many digital company like Godaddy, A2 hostings,siteground, etc are success because of Marketing. These digital company are success because they use many different types of marketing. Now, Today If you want to domain you really go through to godaddy then other domain buying platforms.

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When you start our business. We have wide option about marketing like Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Much more option. At the starting stages many business have main focus on Email Marketing and social Media marketing. In this blog, I mainly discuss about which marketing Email Marketing and social Media Marketing is better to start first. There is a heated debate inside marketing circles right now about whether email Marketing and social Marketing is better.

So, Let know Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing which on is Best ?

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Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing which on is Best ?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is kind of digital marketing involving the act of sending a commercial message and promotional message to a group of people by using email.

  • Social Media Marketing has not surpassed email Marketing by a long shot.
  • For all the allure of SMM, the bottom lines that Email Marketing is still converting better.
  • Research shows that spending on email Marketing campaigns increased by 60% in 2012, Which resulted in a 4,000% return of investment.
  • When someone opts in to an email list, It is typically in the context of an interest to learn more about product or service. As a result, the relationship with an email subscriber can have a commercial intent from the start.
  • Think of your Email list a your traffic on demand source whenever you want to send out a campaign they are just a mouse click away.
  • Social Media channel are more complementary and additive to email than displacing.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is way of marketing to attract people through using social Media like facebook, Instagram, twitter nad other social Media platform. Promoting the product through instagram influncer or by the famous page also called social Media Marketing. Their are over billions of active users on social Media.

Social Media Marketing

  • When someone likes a Facebook post or follows a company on twitter, Facebook or on Instagram, the content is typically more indirect and less overtly commercial.
  • Social Media is more geared toward sharing status and updates with friends and engaging the way one would around a water cooler or dinner party.
  • To be effective in social Media marketing, It is generally agreed that less direct more entertaining approach that respects the nature of why people visit sites like Facebook work the best.
  • People on Facebook like to stay on Facebook so try sending them to a fan page instead your home page.
  • Most social Media can now run laser targeted ad campaigns to people who are ideal for your product or services.
  • Capture the people who are interested in your Facebook ads to email list by incorporate an OPT in from inside your campaign.

So, Here the Comparison of email Marketing vs social Media Marketing


So, who the win of email Marketing vs social Media Marketing ? Answer is No One. Email Marketing vs social Media Marketing is simple based comparison.

The key to recognize that both Email and social Media Marketing are distinct and different marketing channels that can both be effective for your business if you design your campaigns to leverage the strengths of each.

In Marketing, email Marketing vs social Media Marketing does not matter. If you want to succeed in business than you have to focus on both Marketing not on email Marketing vs social Media Marketing and which one is better. You have to focus on effectiveness of Marketing you have chosen.

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