How to grow YouTube channel fast

Grow YouTube channel Fast.

Grow YouTube channel Fast
Grow YouTube channel Fast


Growing a YouTube channel is really a very hard task and specially for them who newly started their YouTube channel, YouTube is the 1# video sharing platform world wide. On YouTube, There is a huge competition and gaining a single subscriber after uploading 10 videos is a great satisfaction. By this,you understand that how hard is competition on YouTube. Growing on YouTube, Getting lakh of subscribers and Getting Millions views is not an easy task and it is not as simple as it appear.

Different Tips and Method works for different youtube channels in different conditions because of your targeted auidence. There are Variety of auidence on youtube behave that it’s really hard to say what the most “effective” ways of promotion are.

Hey! Awesome youtuber, Take a chill pill. As I told you different content and different targeted peoples methods. Yes, This point is true at some point. All the channel are on YouTube and YouTube algorithm rank videos on keywords and length. In this, I show up some tricks to attract your targeted audience.

Note – This trick only works on niche and niche targeted audience not on other targeted audience which not related to your niche.

The Method is given in this blog is not so easy. If you want simple and easy step to grow on YouTube. Then, aff course you left this blog because all step are not so easy as it appears.

If you a newbie and start the new YouTube channel. Then, I recommend you to read below blog. Just click down here. In this blog, I discuss about main things about YouTube channel and right time to upload videos on YouTube and to grow YouTube channel fast.

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Let’s get Started

  • Create and Original quality good content
  • Post video consently on YouTube.
  • Share your videos on Facebook groups
  • Share your videos on reddit Page
  • Use twitter/instagram smartly to promote your channel
  • Comment on other people videos( don’t comment with“ sub me” )
  • Find forums that are related with your niche
  • Put your video link in your quora answer
  • Ask a big name from your niche to promote you or put you on recommendation channel
  • Make a video collaboration with other people
  • Create good thumbnail
  • Learn SEO ( what tags,description and title you should use)
  • Make a channel intro
  • Make a nice channel backgrounds
  • Create playlist with your videos
  • Make longer videos ( videos with a larger retention time have a better chance to be featured)

Note – Never uses any application or website to sub 4 sub. Gain only legit and organic subscribers on youtube.

This all step proves very helpful if you want to grow YouTube channel fast.

Create and Original quality good content

Creating a original quality content is very vital of your YouTube channel. Original and quality content is a heart your YouTube channel without this you can’t go so far on YouTube and you can’t grow youtube channel fast.

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Original and good quality content play essential role in breaking down the competition. There are many ways to grow on YouTube by using various cheating method like copying other popular YouTube videos, Using the copyright song, Misleading thumbnail and Misleading thumbnail and Other much more things.

My Story

As, I started my YouTube career, I looking forward many cheating methods to grow on YouTube, After using many cheating method, I gained almost 10k suscribers on YouTube. By achieving the 10k subscribers i completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours criteria. When I apply for monetization, I got rejected and after some days my channel got terminated. The main point is 10k subscribers is just a numbers. My channel have unique name. My YouTube channel not ranked on YouTube and I also not getting sponsorship. My audience wasn’t helpful.

Post video consently on YouTube.

If you want to grow YouTube channel fast on YouTube than you have to consistently upload videos on your YouTube channel. If you have new YouTube channel, then I recommend you that fix you timings and make schedules that you upload videos every Sunday or on the other day. This task very helps you to grow YouTube channel fast

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Several times we seen various YouTube channels crooses 100k subscribers there is a arithmetic gap between uploads videos. Their YouTube targeted audience traffic never goes down. YouTube algorithm take the uploadig the video consistency also into account while deciding which videos to recommend.

Share your Videos

Share your videos on your various Social Account like Facebook groups, Twitter handle, Instagram and LinkedIn. Sharing your videos on social account increases the audience and their is a huge chances that your videos get shared. In this way, By using social networks, you create your audience and gains hundreds of subscribers. Sharing your videos help you to grow youtube channel fast.

Make Good Thumbnail and Learn about SEO

Good thumbnail plays the vital roles to getting audience retention. Good thumbnail is directly proportional to your targeted traffic. Thumbnail should be easy, appealing and attractive and specially put question in your audience mind. These thing usually creates your audience retention and you could grow youtube channel fast.

SEO is search engine optimization. Making the good content and upload the video on internet is the first task that you completed. second task is to optimize for SEO. I seen many youtubers who upload their videos without optimizing to Youtube SEO.

Youtube SEO usually includes the description, tittle and videos tags optimization.

If you want to rank on youtube use your keyword in your video, video tags, tittle and description.

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Make Longer Video

It seems that the longer videos have high audience retention and YouTube algorithm always promotes the longer videos usually. Longer videos has knowledge as compared to the other video which have low short time. Longer videos with a larger retention time have a better chance to be featured. It seems that longer video help to grow youtube channel fast.

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As, I discussed only important point and other point doesn’t means a lot if i brief it explain and surely you get confused.


In this blog, I discuss all important require to grow YouTube channel fast. the step are very easy to follow requires some effort. Growing YouTube channel fast never been a easy task for any youtubers on YouTube.

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