How to grow your business on pinterest

How to grow your business on pinterest

How to grow your business on pinterest


As, I love Digital Marketing, That’s my work to understand the social Media like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Snapchat and also many other platform on Internet. To increase my auidence to generate more revenue.

But last few days, I realizes something missing in my work and Working on other platform doesn’t help me lot. As I research through out the day, I get to know about Pinterest. Little bit more research on pinterest, I realizes that this Social Media Platform is very unique and useful platform to grow your business on pinterest.

At the end of 2019, Pinterest having 332 million monthly active users worldwide, From 332 million, one third from US, the number of users growing rapidly outside the US growing very rapidly. I ignore the pinterest from last few month and I more focused on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to boost my business and blogs Traffic.

But, Then I shocked , When i look at the statistics of my business and Blog, where at other social media platform my statistics graph is average but at Pinterest My statistics graph is high than the other social media platform.

What is Pinterest ?

Simply in easy launguage, Pinterest is an image-pinning website that has been around since 2009. Its picture-collecting capabilities are designed to curate and share visual ideas. This social Media platform is the social network is very much focused on the concept of a person’s lifestyle, allowing you to share your tastes and interests with others and discovering like minded people. The social network’s goal is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.

I used pinterest last before 3 months, This is very easy and best way to promote your ideas through image. I also loves pinterest.

You can simply use Pinterest as a social networking media like facebook, twitter and Instagram but not everyone does. In fact, it’s more common to use it as a source of inspiration to collect ideas on interior decorating, travel, and fashion and many much more that i can also not describe briefly.

Pinterest Homepage

How to grow your business on pinterest

Now, You can easily understand what is pinterest and How it Works.

How to grow your business on pinterest ?

Here, This step I tooks to boost my Business and blog traffic in few months

Setting Up Your Account

  1. Choose Your Display name Wisely

Pinterest make your profile links like instagram where they show username on the profile link. So make sure your name should be easy to remember and you can also include some keyword to improve your ranking on Pinterest.

Like, i used on my second Pinterest account where my profile name is Shubh Blogging. On pinterest, People comes to search for ideas to works on and mostly of them are bloggers, Youtubers search ideas for their content. Blogging is most searched keywords on pinterest as compared to others keyword.

You can uses keywords in your display name according to topics of you used instagram. Like your pinterest account for travels so used the keyword travel in your display name.

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Using the keywords in display names help you to boosting your rank on pinterest and I always used this method, grow your business on pinterest

How to grow your business on pinterest

2. Your Profile Images

Here, On pinterest profile images play a vital role in your ranking. In my profile, I used the clear and attractive images to my pinterest account. My profile images look very appealing and attractive. Even if you’re in business you can use the logo of the business and with a partner, consider using a picture of both of you, or choosing someone to represent your social media and use a picture of them. 

Create Pins

Creating pins is simply adding the image to your pinterest account. This just like adding images on Instagram account but here is boards where you can create many pins as much you want and add images to the pins like adding to boards.

Use High Quality Images

Using High quality Images help you to get more traffic. On pinterest, People used to love High quality and attractive images and follow those account which have high quality of images. You can also research on the top pages of pinterest that the page which have high quality images have high quantity of followers than the Account which have good content with low quality images.

Choose and upload your Images wisely which helps you to grow your business on pinterest

Put Keywords

How to grow your business on pinterest

I upload the images as example , Where I used keywords according to my content and also i uses my profile name in TITTLE ,If anyone comes searching my pinterest account and only he / she remember my Pinterest profile name can easy to navigate and you can grow your business on pinterest.

How to Increase my Traffic on my website through Pinterest ?

Use High quality Images and Use you destination URL to your website. If your pin is appealing and Attractive, You start get result after few days. is a website high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority ) website and get the backlinks from the Helps your to improve rankings.

My Pinterest Account

How to grow your business on pinterest

Here, The look my my pinterest account

First focus on the Impessions, saves and link Clicks , This number are increasing after few days when I start working on pinterest. When you see followers is 53 followers. Here on pinterest getting followers is difficult but getting saves and Links clicks very high.

Around monthly, I getting 97k traffic daily to my pinterest account. This is truth and you don’ get followes on pinterest account rapidly but you can saves and clicks easily which helps you to grow your business on pinterest.

Visit My Pinterest account click here – Visit the Pinterest Profile


In this Blog, I Share my personal Method to boost my ranking on google and business. This blog is very easy to understand where steps are to easy to take and grow your business on pinterest.

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