How to move from blogger to self hosted wordpress

How to move from blogger to self hosted wordpress

 How to move from blogger to self hosted wordpress

Transfer blogger to wordpress is very simple and easy that you can do i some easy steps.


Blogger is a simple and easy platform to start blogging where you can create a blog. For this, You only need Google Account to get started on blogger
to create your blog. The setting up process on blogger is pretty simple. Blogger has theme customization where you cannot change the template , design and layout
unless you have HTML (Hyper Text Markup Launguage) and CSS launguage . On the othr hand wordpress is a content management system that made for as Blogging tool
which allows you to drag and drop through page builder and customize anything on wordpress as the way you want.

Blogger is own by google. Google run blogger and also can shut down it at any time like google google does with feedburner.

On the other hand with wordpress, you can use a wordpress hosting provider to host your site like My this blog site is hosted on A2hosting. Here everything is in
your hand not company. Only here you decide that you can continue run this blog or Shut it down. All control are in your hand

When it comes on control and flexibility, Without any doubt The winner is one and only is wordpress because it is an open source software. So as I told you all conrol in your
hand, so you can easily extend it by new new features. There are lakh of themes on wodpress which allows you to customize, Modify and also you can extend th default feature of
your wordpress blog. Like Adding a store to your website, create a portfolio, quiz website, image website, Adding social share button, contact form etc.

There is something on wordpress called Pulgins. Simply, Plugins is a bit of software
containing various function that can be added to your wordpress site. All wordpress plugins are in PHP form, These plugins designed with programming launguage and Integrate seamlessly with wordpress.

There are over thousand of free plugins are available in wordpress which help your website to add new and more cool features without learning code
launguages like CSS and HTML.

Now, Everything ends on Security

WordPress is quite secure but since it is a self hosted solution. Only you are responsible for security and backups. When we started a new blog on wordpress, we often
need support and on blogger, it is not possible for blogger to provide security to indiviual. for support on blogger, Google design various support page but it does not help you much that where as on wordpress, WordPress is hosted through hosting company like A2 hosting, Hod]stinger, Godaddy,
siteground where all hosting provider company have 24*7 very active support community which helps and support every indiviual who have wordpress hosting account.

Future of Blogger As i uses blogger more than 2 year, i have n’t see any type of update expect changing the style and future of blogger depends on google descisions
they can run it or shut it down like feedburner, Google +.

On the other hand, WordPress is updating every year.

Hey! Don’t think I against using blogger and support wordpress. Here all i told you is everything is unbaised comparison. I describe everything from ym experience.

Blogger is good at their places and wordpress at their place. Blogger is free , where any writer create a blog without any investment. On the oher hand, WordPress requires investment
which sometimes not afforded by newbie bloggers.

How to transfer Blogger Website to WordPress instantly

So, Transfer your blogger site to wordpress. You have to follow three / 3 simple steps

  1. Save the content of your blogger website into file.
  2. Have WordPress which install on domain through hosting either you can launch new wordpress site
  3. Finally, Import the blogger content to wordpress site.

So, Let’s get started

save the content of your blogger website into file.

So, to save your blogger content.
Go to your Blogger Dashboard ( Make sure that your blog is selected) > Go to Setting > Go into other > Click on Backup Content and save to the
Now you download the content of blogger website easily.

Have WordPress which install on domain through hosting either you can launch new wordpress site

So, To launch new wordpress site just click on the link to buy hosting & Domain at more than 50% Discount

This link take you to goaddy from where you going to buy the hosting for your domain, After buying hosting and domain, You easily install wordpress.

If you have all ready have website where wordpress install then move to final and easy step 3

Finally, Import the blogger content to wordpress site.

So to import our blogger content.

Go to WordPress dashboard > Then go to Tools > Click on Import

Now as you are going import the blogger content. There is first option show Blogger. So insall it , Next to blogger and then click run exporter.

Now, Here you have to choose the file, Which you want to import. So, Make sure select the file which you download from blogger and Click upload file and Import.
Now click on submit to start the import.
Now, Our all Blogger website content is transferred into our WordPress site easy.
Here our only blogger content is imported not links which not works on wordpress. To get our old blogger links working you have to do seting in wordpress permalink.
Blogger link contain year and Month but In wordpress There are several permanlink settings.

How to get our old blogger link working ?

So, By doing this when people go to your old link, It will rediect to same blog post on the new wordpress site. This will ensure people ae still able to acess your site through the old links. Your old links will still works and bring people to the same post which are now on wordpress.
So, this will also help you to keep your google ranking that you gained on your blogger blogsite.

So to get the old Blogger links working, We’re going to do two things

  1. Change the setting in wordpress to match our new website link with the blogger links.
  2. Next we install the wordpress plugin which will redirect our new blogger link to our new site.

So, to change the setting,

Go to your WordPress dashboard > Click Setting > first change the timezone and location through your respected location > click Save > Go to permanlink > choose Month and Name ( This is the format which blogger uses and we want to match with that) > Save Settings.

Now next we install the wordpress plugin which will redirect our new blogger link to our new site.

So, Install the wordpress plugin which will redirect our old blogger link to our new wordpress site.

Go to wordpress Dashboard > then go to plugin > Add New > Search ” Blogger to WordPress “. Install that plugin that shown in above image > Click on Install > then Activate.
Now this plugin is now Installed on your site.
Now to set it up, Go to Tools and then click blogger to wordpress Redirection. Click on start confirguration and it will show your blogger site from where you imported your Blogger content.

Click on get code.

To setup the rediection. You need to add this code into blogger, So that it can redirect the visitor to your wordpress site. To enable the redirection select and Copy this code

Go to Blogger > theme ,> Click on Revert to Classic theme > Click Revert

Now this is where we’re going to enter our new code. Select and delete everything and paste the code your copied from the wordpress plugin and click save theme

SO, Now we have setup the rdirection and your old blogspot links will redirect to Your New domain

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