[2020]How to start successful YouTube channel

[2020] How to start successful YouTube channel Less than 1,000 Suscribers

How to start sucessful YouTube channel

Youtube is a world wide video sharing platform where you can like, share, comment to videos and subscribe to youtube creators. Today Youtube is world #1 Video Sharing platform world wide. If you have your own youtube channel and have enough subscriber than you can make lots of money at home. Youtube is simply based on Video Marketing Strategy. Video Marketing is simply communications plan designed to increase audience engagement and audience retention through social activity by video. This definition is very easy to understand but now, In the Market, From other Marketing like Affiliate Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Content Marketing is less efficient than the efficiency of Video Marketing. In today, Video Marketing have very high potential to influence audience.

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In this Blog, I describes all the method that I used on YouTube channel – FactmysteryZ. All the steps are very easy to follow and This Blog is very helpful to who want to start YouTube Channel and who already started a youtube channel and want to grow it up, then I recommended you to follow my table of content, That are shown above

How to start successful Youtube Channel

Let’s Get Started

Start A Youtube Channel

Making a video on YouTube is second step , the first step is starting or creating a YouTube channel. Creating your own youtube channel is main base of your Youtube Channel.

So Begin with Creating New Youtube Channel in easy 3 steps.

  1. Open Youtube.com
How to Start successful youtube channel

2. Login with your Google account and Click on it. I Already logged in and Click on Your Channel and this type of page appears.

Here you can add your Logo and Channel art. Make sure your logo and channel is should be attractive and appealing and this is your main base of your channel. Also add your description.

Note – Your YouTube Channel name should be short,easy to read and easy to remember and your description should be have your keyword and description about your niche and author of youtube channel

Now you can also upload your small video this is optional

Now Verify your Youtube Channel, Hoorah! you created your YouTube channel

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Best Time to Upload Video on Youtube

YouTube is now a days become very interesting and effective method to pass the time. Many teenagers used to use YouTube on specific days. In this specific days, are very important because the probability of getting more views are high in these specific time usually.

Every time on YouTube there are more than thousands of videos upload on YouTube in India. If you upload video before specific time than chances of getting more views is low as uploading the video on specific time

Note – The answer is nothing, you can upload at anytime you want if your videos are good enough to fulfill the need of the viewers it will boost up with the time. The Specific time ,I give you is average and on calculation and by observation. The data not too much accurate but it increase the probability of getting more views.

Your views is depend on your targeted viewer / audience,

If you create videos that are helpful to housewives, then your targeted audience are housewives surely upload videos – 1pm to 4pm is the best time.

If your targeted audience are under graduates students or working people then 5 pm to 8 pm would be best time to upload videos on youtube.

So, above i give two category of time that covered all types of niche topics from cooking to technology and from tailoring to lifestyle. Now there is a question in your thought on which days we have to upload videos on YouTube to get more views and More subscribers.

Saturday and Sundays [ Most views ] 12PM – 4 PM during work time, 9AM – 11 AM on the weekends

Thrusday and friday [ Best days to post videos on youtube ] Most viewers watch videos in the evening. Post at 12-4 PM, So videos would be indexed by the evening.

So, I talked about how to create a channel and which time to upload videos on Internet. There is one more last things is missing that is YouTube video optimization checklist. This check list is very important, If you want more views in less time. In the checklist, I include all types of vital things that are important to rank on YouTube search result query.

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YouTube Video Optimization Checklist

Video File Name – Be descriptive and use Hyphens between words.

Tittle of videos – Grab attention and accurately represent the content.

Tags – Include Keywords specific to the videos and to the subject. Include Brand/Channel Keywords.

Descripton – Accurately describe content of video and outbound links.

Keywords – Why is this video helpful ? What question does it answers ? Use youtube & google keywords tools.

Playlist – Add videos to your relevant playlists.

Promotion – Share videos on social Media channels and company blogs

Grey box is very important. It looks easier but It can’t be easier.

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Want to download checklist

Subscribe my youtube channel and comment your instagram Id or your telegram. I soon contact you.

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In this Blog, I given all tips of my YouTube experience. If you want to start YouTube channel or you are newbie follow these steps to start successful YouTube channel.

Have A great Day

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