Top 5 Ultimate low competition keywords with high traffic

Top 5 low competition keywords with high traffic

low competition keywords with high traffic


Keyword research plays a mandatory roles in On page SEO and overall SEO Score. Keyword research is basically researching the research the words and phrases that people search on search engines to get their search query, Finding that keywords to increase ranking of your blog is called Keyword Research.

Low competition Keywords with high traffic defined as the keywords or phrases have high volume search and High CPC (Cost per Click) with less SEO difficulty. Low competition keywords plays vital role in ranking of blogs. Low competition keywords open the path of success of any site or blog in less time.Low competition keywords are those that can rank with no creating backlinks or link building and no domain authority. Posting a blog based which target your low competition keywords can provide traffic and boost your ranking in less time.

Low competition Keywords with high traffic research affects every SEO score these include finding content topic, on page SEO, and many much more. Low competition keyword with high traffic works like a compass of your blog which show the right direction to work on.

Choosing the right keywords for your blogs and website is one of the things that will determine your blog and website success or failure.When you have your target keywords with low competition that can definitely target your targeted high traffic will play a main role in your success of your blog.  

i shown my best researched low competitions keywords with high traffic and Data I provided you is fully research based. On the low competitions keywords with high traffic, Can also become the best ideas to start your blog because today if you want to success your blog your work only on two things. First is Your Micro Niche topics and second is your low competitions keywords with high traffic drive more and more audience to your micro niche website.

Why you want Low competition keywords with high traffic ?

Today there is competition which is at peak and there are many website present that dominant the keywords which have high SEO difficulty, High Volume and High CPC. Many bloggers who start blog with the vision to dominant that website with that keywords that other popular website already ranks that does not possible in anyway.

As, I started my blog, I spent many hours in doing keywords research, to get the best low competition keywords with less SEO difficulty and where i can easily ranks.

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If you started your new blog or want to start blog, then firstly spent time on keyword research not only writing only post. If you focus on Low competition keywords and write post on it, then in few months you start driving thousand of traffic (traffic respected to your site). Where if you want to rank on google on most searched keywords you have to have backlinks not in hundred not in thousand in lakh. If you want to rank on the most searched keywords with high SEO difficulty you want backlink in Lakh quantity and I say that because I research couple of hours on many most ranked websites. On the other hand side, You have to require very less amount of backlinks to rank on low competitions keywords and these low competition keywords drives your organic traffic which increase your revenue and rank of your web site easily and quickly.

Does this Low competition keywords really works ?

Yes, this low competition keywords really works. I spent plenty of hours to finding that low competition keywords with high traffic. If you think that why i don’t start working on that low competition keywords. My answers is only is that I started working on it.

So, Let,s get Started

Note – Some of low competitions keywords is country based and Their native languages based and I also Mentioned country with respective low competitions keywords. So, choose your keywords according to your country because this keywords works on country which is shown

  1. Hindi kahaniya
  • Country – India
  • launguage – Hindi

Search Volume of Hindi Kahaniya – 320 (High Value)

SEO Difficulty of Hindi Kahaniya – 19

Paid Difficulty – 1

CPC – 0.09$ / 6.3 INR

This is the best low competition keyword with high traffic to rank fast on this google first page of query. In India, Many people considered Hindi and they loves to read hindi stories rather than reading story in Hindi.

Many blogger started working on this keywords. If you are a Indian know stories and Know hindi language than this is best time start a blog on Hindi Kahaniya.

2. Current Affairs


This Keyword is one of the best keyword to rank on google first page query.

Search volume – 12,100

SEO Difficulty – 22

Paid Diificulty – 1

CPC – $2.24 / 156 INR

Current Affairs is basically referred to the events and causes of national and international importance relevant from competitive exams perspective like Civil Services Exam, Bank exam, etc.
There are many competitive exam held in India to get Higher position in held. In india, the search volume of current affair is very high. If you work on this keywords which have low competition with high traffic then definitely you rank on top of google search page query in few months.In india, Competitive exam held yearly wise and There are lakhs of student who make preparation of competitive exam to get high score and clear the examination.Today, Many of student dependent on Internet and The Search of Current Affairs is very high and Result is very low. In this case, If your targeted keyword is Current Affairs than definitely you make large amount of Revenue and Trust. In this way, You definitely create the monopoly in field. On Internet, If you create Monopoly then you make millions by your work.

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