100% Increase Onpage SEO to boost up your ranking easily.

100% Increase Onpage SEO to boost up your ranking easily.

100% Increase Onpage SEO to boost up your ranking easily.
OnPage SEO

Hey! Awesome Bloggers, Writing the blog like Donkey and your blog doesn’t rank and Searching for a solution to rank up your on page seo score to boost ranking up your post easily. Then, Congratulation you are at right place and right blog. Mention not, All steps are very easy to done.

If you want to Increase SEO score of your blog then you have to focus on two thing after post the article by proper keyword research basis,that things are On Page SEO and OffPage SEO.

As you know from the tittle that we only discuss about the how to increase on page seo score to boost up your website rankings easily. Before get into the steps, We have to know what is On Page SEO is. Many Newbie bloggers always confuse between offpge seo and On Page SEO.

What is OnPage SEO ?

100% Increase Onpage SEO to boost up your ranking easily.

OnPage SEO is the task performed by bloggers and SEO expert includes the optimizing the individual web pages to rank higher in google search engines search result query. On Page SEO includes the optimizing of both content and HTML source code of Web page that you want to rank up.

100% Increase Onpage SEO to boost up your ranking easily.

Tittle Tag Optimization

Tittle plays the vital roles in your SEO strategy that is because the your Tiitle tag says to serach engines what about your content is.

SEO tittle optimization always help blog to rank on Search engines.

What is Tittle Tag Optimizaton ?

Tittle Tag Optimization is practice of optimizing the tittle tag of your blogs that optimization decide how search engines read your blog post tittle. Tittle Tags are in HTML that specifies what your blog post tittle it. Tittle tag optimization help you to boost your ranking in google SERP result query. Tittle tags also play the vital role in increasing the Onpage SEO Score.

Tittle tag are the first thing that auidence notices. Tittle tag should have enough imformation what they can expects from your blog post content.In you are a content creator you always hears that the Content is the king – If your focus on your content and better it every that you surely succeed.This things many content creators follows and make its content better and better, no one watch your content. Every true Content creator knows that awesome content is incomplete without the tittle.Tittle is short but describe what type of content you have.Tittle tag optimization show an high impact on organic traffic.

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Code of Tittle Tag – <head>tittle>Here is your tittle</head</tittle>
Optimized Format of Tittle tag – Primary keyword, Secondary keyword and Brand Name
Optimial length – 50 to 60 characters (There is no exact limit of tittle tag, If you tittle tag is more than 60 characters then you display doesn’t display full in google search result query)

Why tittle tags are essentail in Onpage SEO ?

Your blog post Tittle display in google Serp ( Seach engine result page ). Seach visitor have option to open any of the site but he/she clicks on the muber 10 website why? Because theie tittle are very appealing and Attractive.

How to optimize the Tittle tag to increase Onpage SEO ?

Focus on your Tittle tag

If you tittle is more than 60 character then SERP cut if off your tittle by adding ellipsis. To aviod this, you have to focus on your characters and words . If your tiitle tag is 50 character in spite of that showing full tittle in your SERP they show with Ellipsis. So,

Why this happening ?

Some character like L, W,T,M. Many character uppercase “M” is wider than a lowecase “m”.

Use only Main Keywods in less quantity

Aviod tittle which are just a list of keywords like Blogging shubh, gorealblog, gorealblog shubham, goralblog hindi, gorealblog onpage like this.
These types of tittle is bad of your vistiors and also your site get into the trouble.

Give every post a unique and appealing tittle

I seen many bloggers that uses same tittle for different by applying little changes. Using the same tittles search engines understands that your content is not unique and valuable. So, SERP remove your sites from SERP.

Put Keywords in your Tittle

Putting keywords in your tittle tag helps you in boosting your website rankings. Having keywords starting in your tittle, having high chances to rank then the other post which have keywords in middle and the last line of tittle.

Example – 1.Onpage SEO – How to increase Onpage seo in 10 minutes. 2. How to increase onpage seo score in 0 minutes

Here, Our Focused keyword is onpage seo.

In serp, Google used to show the post which have keyword in starting of the tittle. Our first tittle is starting with onpage seo, other the other hand second tittle is start with how to. Our first tittle have higher chances than the second tittle to show in google search result query.

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Meta Description Snippet

Meta description is a snippet which summarizes a blog post content. Meta description snippet is about 155 characters.

HTML tag of Meta description – <meta=”description” content=”A page’s description, Usually one or two sentences.”/>

How to optimize the Meta description snippet to increase the OnPage SEO ?

  • Meta description snippet should be 155 Character long.

The exact length of meta description snippet doesn’t exist.That,s true, you can also create meta description more than 155 characters, But 155 characters, Is enough, Google often show the result with less meta descriptions, S, Make your meta description snippet short but not that much. This things helps you to increase your onpage seo score.

  • Make your meta description snippet Unique, actionable and also use active voice.

Meta description summarizes your content in small paragraph of 150 characters. Many blogger also me use the blog lines as my meta description snippet. But, when it comes on summarizing the content of your blog in 150 characters is different thing.

Your 150 characters should be actionable, Unique.

Example – get the top 6 ultimate ways to increase your onpage seo score. Onpage seo score help your rankings of your dreams in google search result.

  • Include call to action in your Meta snippet.

Call to Action means to do somethings in order to achieve anything. It can be goals, Aim, Data or information. Call to Action is the best way of advertising like On website, Call to action (CTA) may be like that Find it more, Read More, Sign Up or Buy now.

Including Call to action in your Meta description snippet helps you blog or website to gain more readers. If you want to include call to action in your blog use this phrase at end – “Get it Now”.

onpage SEO checklist
OnPage SEO
  • Use your focus keywords and play some jumbles the word in creating the meta description.

Let take as example – My focused keyword is onpage seo, If this focused keyword “Onpage SEO” is part of my meta description snippet, then Google SERP would more inclined to use our blog post and also highlight in it google search engine result page.

onpage SEO checklist
OnPage SEO

But if you want to use more keyword without doing keyword stuffing then you have to play keyword suffling like if my focused keyword is OnPage SEO then I also put on page score or onpage seo checklist.

  • Make it sure that your meta description matches your blog post content.

That’s important to add meta description in your blog post content. If you meta description snippet misleading, google will find out easily. Misleading meta description snippet increase your bounce rate for some days or month. Surely, google find it out and may be remove your site from SERP.

Sumarize your blog post content in H1 Tag

Onpage seo

H1 Tag is the first thing that your targeted audience notice when they enter in your blog post. Many visitor doesn’t even read all blog. They only read the tittle / H1 tag only mainly decide how good your content is.

  • Make your tittle tag more appealing and attractive

If my blog post content H1 tag may be like this – Increase your OnPage SEO – gorealblog

Then, surely this type of H1 tag decrease my bounce rate. No matter your blog post in on serp or not.

So if you want to increase your Bounce rate then including some power words and numbers in your H1 tAG OR Tittle tag like this –

100% Increase Onpage SEO to boost up your ranking easily.

Power words are tried and true words that many copywriter use to attract more clicks. H1 Tag or Tittle tag with numbers are 36% more likely to generate clicks, according to research by Conductor. As My tittle and H1 tag includes than two power words – boost and Easily and Number – 100% which show guarantee.

So make sure you make your H1 tag strong, Long and Noticeable. That’s Help you to increase your OnPage SEO score.

  • Make You H1 Tag SEO optimized

Optimal length of H1 Tag – 20 – 70 characters

HTML code of H1 Tag – <h1>your tittle </h1>

SEO H1 tittle tag have the keywords and long tail keywords. Make sure that all the keywords are not stuffed and don’t use long tail keywords forcefully make it natural. H1 tag helps you in boost up your OnPage SEO score because H1 tag say to both search engines result query and website visitors what the type of blog post content of pages will be about.

Seo Friendly URL

Onpage seo

SEO friendly URL are those type of url which designed to remember to fulfil the needs of Auidence. SEO friendly URL are short and contains keywords which make its SEO friendly. SEO friendly URL play a vital role in increasing the On page seo score and Off page SEO score.

Example of SEO friendly URL – https://www.gorealblog.com/onpage-seo/

This URL structure to very easy to remember and Also have keywords ( Targeted Keyword – OnPage SEO ).

Ugly Url Structure ( This structure used by blogspot.com or blogger.com ) – www.gorealblog.com/?abc/1214242.

Pretty URL – https://www.gorealblog.com/onpage-seo/

  • URL Structure should be straight forward

There should be no confusing redirects on the site.

  • URL Structure should be meaningful.

Use keywords, not number and punctuation marks. Make sure that make your SEO friendly URL as short as much possible.

  • URL structure should be with an Emphasis on right URLs.

Check whether the pages accessible to search engines are actually open for crawling and Indexing.

Why SEO friendly URL ?

SEO friendly URLs are type of structured hierarchy of the URLs which is preferred by the bots, thus making it easier to crawl page of the blog or website. Page with optimized structured URL will be indexed faster by google search engine.

SEO structured URL make it easier for other to promote and share your website on social Networks. Visitors and potential prefer to see optimized URL rather than absolute and relative URLs.

SEO Image Optimization

SEO Image Optimization is about reducing the size of image as much as possible without losing its high quality. Optimizing Image for SEO increase the blog post speed and Onpage SEO score.

A picture can speaks thousands of words

Picture or Images play a essential role in making your blog post more attractive and more appealing. It does not matter how awesome your content. Only Matter how you present in front of your audience. How best you present you content to your audience or visitors. If your presentation way is cool, Elegant and SImple more conversion rate you get which help you to boost your ranking easily.

Onpage seo
Onpage SEO

This is incomplete without Images. When we present some presentation in class or meeting, Always we uses the image to make it more attractive and appealing.

This same principle used in blogging. Like this blog is more than 2500 words and using only One images to make my blog post isn’t fair. I have to use several Images to increase audience retention on my blog post.

Before this happens you have to increase your page speed, I often seen many blogger with high onpage SEO score but their page loading speed is very low or that much isn’t fast. Inspite of that they uses best premium fast themes like Astra wordpress theme, Genratepress wordpress theme or Ocean WP wordpress theme etc. Their bog post page speed is low this is best of your media content is your blog post like video and specially images.

Before adding image in your wordpress post make sure that your image size should be low as much possible without sacrificing the quality of your images which increase your page speed and OnPage SEO score and Audience retention which help your blog post site to get high amount of Traffic.

Lengthy Blog Post Content

OnPage SEO

Lengthy blog post content is easily ranked by google. Google SERP algorithm always show length content post in his search result because Lengthy post means Quality content and that true. Many Blogger who succeed in less time because of their lengthy content which is more than 2000 words.

Lengthy content are rich of knowledge and sometime one lengthy blog is enough to fulfil user’s requirement.

Lengthy post always been the best way to increase your OnPage SEO score easily.

Writing long post content gives us the opportunity to put our keywords, Other keywords and long tail keywords that helps your site in boosting ranking easily in Google search engine result page.

Long post content increase audience retention and spends more their time on your and this factor in google algorithm notices and ranked your site with time. Long post content seen very useful in increasing the DA and PA of Site and also increase in chances of natural backlinks of your site.

Long post content seem very successful as other blog post content. Ranking of long post is high then the less post content. Long post content is now the mandatory part of being success in the career of blogging.

Yes, I know that some time boring and takes lot of time. I writing this post more than 6 hours. Yes, I am newbie blogger and If I want to become success a blogger than you have to face many problem and main problem is bore in write the content.

So, Here the tips I always follows to write the lengthy content.

How to Write the Lengthy Post content ?

  • Set up Word Limit Goal

Setting up word limit goal motivate you to write post to your word limit. My goals is to write this blog more than 2500 words which motivate me to write more than 2500 words which help you boost your rankings and increases your onpage seo score.

  • Choose your topic carefully

This is very important on what you writing about. If you topic is short then you can’t write that much about that.

Writing long post content require topic that require explanation and everything like tips and tricks, blogging, gadget, top’5 or it can be anythings.

  • Use Easy Launguage.

Their is lot of content on google are rich of knowledge but their language isn’t understandable their if they write post in English People can’t understand it may be short of type of riddles means not easily understandable.

  • Gain full Knowledge

Sometime, We started writing about the topic without collecting the full knowledge. This is main problem that i always faces and sometimes I feels frustrated and drain. Having incomplete knowledge about the topic every time generate problems.


In this blog, I discuss about the way to increase the onpage seo score. All tips are followed and researched based. If you want to succeed in your blogging career then you have to focus on OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO score.


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