Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

Best Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

Best Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking
SEO Friendly Article

Hey! Awesome Blogger, Want to write SEO FRIENDLY ARTICLE, Then, you Awesome blogger, You are at right place. Writing a SEO friendly article play a huge role in affecting the OnPage SEO score. Writing a SEO friendly article which is specially optimized for your User and SERP engine crawlers is a skill.

Well optimized article with great and rich content have higher chances to rank higher on google search engines query. While, On the other hand, Well optimized Article with no so rich and fresh content have no that much chances of achieve high rankings as compared to blog which is well optimized with fresh and rich content.

Best Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

Daily, 12 hours out of 24 hours, I busy on this blog ( GoRealBlog ) and always working to make my blog awesome for both users and website search engines crawlers. In spite of that, More time, I thought that what type of content I can post which are informative, Easy to read, Fresh and evergreen always. But sometime, My blog post quality down because of lack of knowledge.

Yes, This task becomes really frustrating doesn’t matter how passionately you love blogging. Completing this task is hard for every new and old bloggers who works on their blog even today also.

From, Out of all works, Optimizing blog post for SEO is one of the task that every blogger performs no matters how popular they are. Their are so many newbie blogger who doesn’t perform this optimizing task. This is the main reason that their blog doesn’t rank.

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What is SEO friendly Article ?

Before Understand the what is SEO Friendly Article is. First you get know about what is SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In which Blog post and web page optimize in this way which is easy to understand for both readers and search engine crawlers .

SEO friendly post means friendly post which is easily understandable and appealing for both users and Crawlers. SEO friendly article includes things which are important for ranking the site on search engine result query.

Why My blog doesn’t Rank ?

There are so many reason why your blog doesn’t rank on google after write lengthy and rich content post. This question is asked by many of my Instagram Followers – Why my blog doesn’t ranks ?

Targeted keywords is SEO FRIENDLY POST (In google search)

seo friendly article

After researching everything, I comes on conclusion that page which ranks on google are very responsive and seo friendly. Their content are very easy and design is simple and elegant.

Here, the screenshot of google search result for SEO friendly post. All site on this page content’s are rich and easy to understand. Inspite of their website is very simple and elegant.

So, In this blog, I share all secret tips that you used for making your Normal article into SEO friendly Article. All steps are easy and carefully read this blog to get complete knowledge to write your own simple article into SEO friendly article and you also know how make you blog SEO Friendly. Writing and Making are two different things.

Let’s Begin the game

Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

  • Use Headlines and Sub Headers.
  • Identify Primary Keywords and Secondary Keywords.
  • Write for reader and not for search engine crawlers.
  • Write Lengthy and rich content post of more than 2500 Words.
  • Use you all primary and secondary keywords throughout the content.
  • Use your primary keywords in heading, Paragraph and end of blog.
  • Write your own original and unique content.
  • Use Images and Videos.

Use Headlines and Sub Headers

Headers or Headlines are most vital part of your blog post content and also helps in boosting your ranknigs and website Traffic. No matter how awesome, evergreen content you have, If your Headlines and sub Headings are not good, you can’t get enough traffic at all.

99 percent out of 100 percent, who visit your awesome blog site does not even read the blog content no matter how long your content is. Visitors only read the heading and sub headings of your blog when they doesn’t understand heading, then the their little chances that your visitors read your blog, More of the time visitors left the blog.

SEO Headlines work is to connect users with our content and gives us worldwide possibilities to connect and reach our audience. SEO headlines help search engine crawler, when the users put in search what they want. Search engines crawler who already crawl our website and headings, then search engines shows the some websites whose headings are like or related to users search inputs.

Let us assume that your targeted keyword is SEO friendly post and your tittle doesn’t contains your targeted keyword like How to write article which rank fast on google. Then, Really doesn’t matter how good you’re content, your site get traffic, what other getting traffic on your targeted keywords.

Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking
SEO Friendly Article

Here, This is my blogs tittle – Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking and my targeted keyword is SEO friendly articles. Read My blog tiitle once more, By reading, you observe that my blog tittle is good for SEO, appealing and enough attractive to attract visitors to my blog.

How to Write Title which attract the audience thousands of audience ?

  • Use Number in you Blog post heading

That truth the headlines with numbers are 36% more likely to generate clicks, according to research by Conductor. Many times in your real life, you observe that you visit those blog, Shop or buy the product which have the numbers in their Headlines. That the reason why many copywriter use numbers in their headlines to promote. Number gives your audience a sense of clarity what they get or need.

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Make sure, don’t over use the Number, As, I say using the numbers in your headlines gives your audiences a sense of clarity and over using the number create the confusion in your audience mind, doesn’t visit you site because you audience always search for answers not for confusions.

Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

That’s my blog post Tittle, When you read that tittle, It give you clarity and summarizes what you get when you visit the blog. Here, I uses number at one place, At the starting of my blog post tittle, 100% and this number gives my audience a clarity which makes my blog post a seo friendly article which drives me thousand of visitor every month on this blog.

The number that I always uses in my tittle to make my blog more attractive and appealing – 100%, from 0 to 100, 100 ways and many more.

  • Use Power Words in Blog Post heading

Power words are those type of words which used by copywriters to triggers the psychological and Mental response because this type of words are very persuasive that people simply can’t resist being influenced by them.

Many companies’s product are successful because uses of power words in their product tag lines. Power Words are tried-and-true words that copywriters use to attract more clicks.

Using Power words in blog post headlines help you to get more clicks and high traffic. When users put their inputs in search engines, They get result what they search but their is more than 10 website on their search engine page query and users click on 9th website in search engine query. why ? this is because their is more chances that the 9th website have the power words in their headline.

Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

Taking my example inspires you and help you to trust on my content because the method, I uses to write SEO friendly article and other SEO tips to boost your rankings, same tip and idea, I shares with you that I used to follow. There is no copy paste work.

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So, Back to the topic, My tittle have power words “proven”. I often use proven power words to those type of blog post, In which, I discussed and explains about the ways and methods.

Note – Use this proven power words very wisely and Your SEO friendly article tittle should have at least one power words.

  • Have Positive and Negative Sentiment

SEO friendly article content expressed in your tittle sentiment. Sentiment means a view or opinion that is held or expressed. Here is View is your content that you want to express. Having a postive or negative sentiment in your blog post tittle always helps you to drive traffic and also increases the chance of getting insane amount of traffic and goes viral sometime.

In research, Headlines with a strong emotional sentiment (positive or negative) tend to receive more clicks and If you using CPC ( Cost Per Clicks ) ads, then you generate massive amount of money by getting clicks.

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Focus Keyword used in SEO title and Content

Using Keywords in your article helps search engine crawlers to read you content and rank it according to your targeted keywords. Keywords are those type of phrase or words which search engine user input in search to get their respected search result query.

Whenever, you search something on google or on YouTube, there are only top 10 search query.

why those website ranked on top 10 ?

Those website rank on top 10 on google search result query because of input of keywords on right place with right amount intensity of keyword in seo friendly article which help to get more clicks and getting insane amount of traffic by getting place in top 10 google search result query.

Before writing the seo friendly article, their is simple first task that every seo expert, great bloggers perform usually that task called keyword research.

What is keyword research ?

Keyword research is practice of finding words or phrases which people are using to find the product, knowledge Information and services. The Word or phrases which have high volume and CPC play a vital role in succeeding of any blog, website or business.

Keyword research is the root of both OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO. Keyword research show impact on every single SEO task that you perform including finding niche blog content Ideas, on-page SEO and outreach.

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Spending hours to create dofollow backlinks and NoFollow Backlinks doesn’t work naturally when you root means keyword research doesn’t done well. Keyword research is not one task that done, Every time you writing the blog post, Keyword research is the first task you perform.

Yes, Keyword research is not an easy task, Finding low competition keyword with high amount of traffic never easy for any bloggers doesn’t matter what is it. Ranking on top 10 google search result query doesn’t easy.

Keyword research is like compass which tell where you SEO campaign goes. So, the question is,

Where we use keyword in Article ?

  • Tittle of your blog post content

First, You have to use keyword in your tittle because tittle is the first thing that the search engine crawler inspect. When their is no targeted keywords in your tittle, Search engine crawler doesn’t crawl and rank at right place, even does not push your website rankings. As, I told you Keyword is compass for search engine crawlers, Which help search engine crawlers to get their direction.

Best 100% Proven Way to write SEO friendly Article to boost ranking

Here, Above exampled blog post content tittle have targeted keywords in their Tittle. This type of article crawled easily by search engine crawlers.

If you not sure about the keyword that you targeted keyword not use in article properly, so their is no chances to boost youranking on google search engine result query. So, Before writing the article ,Make Sure you compass working properly without direction is like a car without tires mean useless.

Good tittle with inputed naturally Targeted keywords make your blog post a SEO friendly article. I’ve already discussed about the how you can make your tittle seo friendly and User friendly in few simple steps without giving not that much effort.

Meta Description and Sub heading

Meta description is about 155 character which summarizes the blog post content. Using keywords in your meta description does not affect on your ranking. But it helps in getting audience attention.

When someone searches for the something on google, The search input keywords show in bold letter on result of resulted website meta description, which help in getting audience retention.

Yes, that’s true, Using Targeted keyword in meta description, does not improve your ranking but helps in getting audience retention which help in getting traffic.

It seems that website which have influencing and appealing meta description tends to have more traffic as compared to website which have simple meta description.

So, Make your Meta description more appealing and influencing to gain more organic traffic.

Write Lengthy Post

Lengthy post have high audience retention but sometimes a blog about 1500 words have high audience retention as compared to the blog which have 2500 words. That is because, The blog about 1500 words gains audience retention. On the other hand, Blog about 2500 words, does not capable to gain audience retention and attention.

It is just like Quality Vs Quantity.

Want to rank on google ?

Easy, These two thing your blog should to be definitely have –

  • Quality
  • Quantitiy

Quality and quantity is the vital thing to make your SEO friendly article. Always be the best way to improves your ranking in google search engines query. That is because, Quality and quantity attract insane amount of organic traffic and high quality backlinks.

Lengthy post have images and brief knowledge about the topic. It seems that, Google ranks that blog which have 3000+ words in their blog. The main benefits of writing lengthy post is you can use more keywords.] in your SEO friendly article.

Keyword density in your blog should be 2. Writing SEO friendly article is mandatory to maintain your keywords density. There is no ideal keyword density percentage, but it should not be too high. The most important thing is to keep the copy natural. If there is 3 keywords in 100 words, then keyword density is 3.

  • Formula to find keyword density of your blog post.

Keyword Density is equal to the Number of times your repeat keywords by total words count of the article to the product of 100..

This is simple formula for finding keyword density in your blog.

seo friendly article
  • Use Images often in your lengthy post

A Picture speaks thousands of words

Use of right images help you to craft story properly. Images add new adjectives in your blog post which attract audience attention easily. Many copywriter uses images to influence people. Image should be integral part of SEO friendly article.

  • Write for readers not for search engines and unique

Google algorithm is more smarter than you think. Google algorithm easily read all blog and identify that which of your blog is copied or unique. When you copied some one blog content in your article, google never rank it up and consider your site as spam site. Doesn’t mean how your seo friendly article is. Even you translate other content to post on your blog site.

Note that – Content is the key.


In this blog, I simply talks about the how your can write SEO friendly article and boost your ranking on google easily. So tip, I follow to improves my ranking on google.

Have A Great Day

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