[2020] Ultimate 12X Link Building Strategy to boost Ranking

Link Building Strategy

Ultimate 12X Link Building Strategy to boost Ranking

If you want to boost up your google rankings easily on your google search query easily, Then you are at right place. The answer is backlinks and Link Building. Many SEO experts uses this strategy to rank up their website in very time without giving too much efforts. Here, Content does play that much role in this strategy. Google also recommend this backlinks and Link building strategy. If you want to rank up your website easily.

So, In this blog, I discussed about the Link Building strategy not Backlinks strategy.

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Does the Backlinks and Link Building aren’t the Same ?

Link Building and Backlinks. Link Building means the generating links from other sites for traffic purpose and Backlinks means the result what you get after link building. Sound very similar but doesn’t the same. So, Link Building and Backlinks doesn’t the same.

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What is Link Building ?

Link Building strategy include the strategy in which generating links from other site specially from High DA and PA website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Medium etc for getting traffic to your website. Link Building strategy very helpful to rank your website in your google search result query.

Benifits of Link Building Strategy in SEO

Benifits of Link Building in SEO

  • Increase your Website Traffic.
  • Boost Up your ranking.
  • Increase you Earning from Ads link Adsense and Media.net
  • Increase your website Trust and Reputation.
  • Increase your DA and PA of your Website.
  • Improvement in your search engines rankings.
  • Increase Content Quality.
  • Get Sponsorship from many companies which pay really High.

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Ultimate 12X Link Building Strategy to boost Ranking

Strategy #1

Testimonial Link Building

Learn how to score powerful homepage link placement.

Strategy #2

Link RoundUps

Take advantage of link roundups in your niche to score awesome links that generate referral traffic.

Strategy #3

Resource Pages

Get Links from Powerful resource pages with the added bonus of quality traffic hitting your site at the same time.

Strategy #4

Internal Link Building

Internal links means giving links in your blog which on click send users on your other blog posts. This link Building strategy helps to increase audience retention specially which is very helpful in increasing site ranking and traffic.

Strategy #5

Expired Domains

If you want to score easy links from Places like the BBC or Wikipedia, Expired domain are for you.

Strategy #6

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging  is a effective way of content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post include some link to writer blog or websites on a third party website or blog to promote their personal/corporate brand.

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Guest Blogging is paid method, So if you want to create links from high DA and PA website so you have to around $500 or more. This method is part of link building strategy.

Strategy #7

Broken Link Building

This is the magnificent link building strategy to build relationships with website owners and to increase your rankings. Broken links are specially those types of links on web page no longer. The Link destination removed from web page which show 404 error.

There are many High DA and PA website especially Wikipedia which have many broken links or dead links which uncountable. I always uses broken link building method in Wikipedia to increase my website traffic and ranking.

Visit Wikipedia – Click Here

Strategy #8

Reverse Engineering

Why do the hard work when you don’t to ? Observe your all competitors from where they generate backlinks and generate your backlinks from the same website from your competitor make backlinks.

Strategy #9


Take advantage of popular news topics to attract waves of links and traffic to your blog or website easily.

Strategy #10

Influencer Marketing

Take advantage of influencers in your niche to create powerful link to you site. In Influencer Marketing, You have to work very smartly to get traffic on your website.

Strategy #11

Data Driven Content

link building strategy

Use unique data to make your content “go to” resource on any given subject in your niche.DataDriven Content uses you audience profile information to create effective content marketing campaigns.

Data driven content is the very effective way of Marketing where you collect information from your targeted audience. Many user uses the data driven content marketing to maintain traffic to their website.

Strategy #12

Last But not the least – Link reclamation

Link Reclamation is the process of finding, fixing or replacing broken links pointed at your website post.

Note – All link build that pointed to your website blog post not on website homepage.


These all 12x Link building strategy are very useful if you want to rank up your websites and increase website traffic. I used all of these method to increase my website traffic and rank on google search result query.

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